Saturday, June 11, 2005

it's all political

With the buzz of all tha scandal that shrouds the government today, it's a wonder how we as a nation are taking it all in with a smile (still).

The spoof TIME cover posted on Piercingpens made me sputter out a laugh, one which died almost too fast.

Now, with the mother of all tapes surfacing, the future is getting bleaker by the second. I'm finding less reasons to smile.

I for one am getting tired of the same old schtick. We did this in Erap's time, we did this every other damn president we elected. Every time we get an offical elected, there will always be scandal and opposition, which leads me to wonder why the HELL do we still elect these bad politicians anyway.

I wonder, just what is it in the Presidential position that people desire? The never-ending headache of solving people's problems in an ungodly and impossible deadline? (like everything else, we want instant gratification) Is it the never-ending flashbulbs of cameras at your face, the scandalous rumors and intrigue that hound your every move? Really, who WANTS that?!?

Show me a politician who's never done a bad deed and i'll show you a dead man.

I think we're better off with a Parliament. Democracy is getting us nowhere because everybody wants to lead everybody else.

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